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We at VG Newswire like to keep our news writing short and simple, with valuable information that can get the job done without hitting a 300-400 text requirement. Our news articles do not include superfluous sentences as filler, but instead includes relative links to previously written articles which may be found interesting to the gamer who is checking out the post. Though we’ve all been trained to conduct news reports in Associated Press format, we have instead moved away from the traditional style of news writing and have adopted the modern way in which news is conveyed in this gaming day and age. If you like what you see and would like to stay up to date on video game related news, be sure to give us a follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Interested in joining the team, interviewing developers, reviewing video games, engaging in exciting stories and reports, send an email to Peter@vgnewswire.net to learn more.

Peter Lopez : Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Peter Lopez

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Peter Lopez is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of VG Newswire. More of his work can be found via IGN and Pure Nintendo Magazine.

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David Quigley : Co-Founder / Managing Editor

David Quigley

Co-Founder / Managing Editor

Co-Founder / Managing Editor. He's probably playing Rainbow Six Siege.

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Dawson Helton : Associate Editor

Dawson Helton

Associate Editor

Patrick Okolo : Staff Writer

Patrick Okolo

Staff Writer

Nate Finston : Staff Writer

Nate Finston

Staff Writer

I play video games and think I'm hilarious. Just a pop culture enthusiast trying to bring balance to the Internet.

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Jakejames Lugo : Game Critic

Jakejames Lugo

Game Critic

Video game critic and journalist whose freelance work can be found at places like IGN.

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