It only took but a few seconds for my love and excitement for Splatoon 2 to return. It’s been weeks, maybe even months, since I last played Splatoon 2 for fun and I’m really glad I decided to jump back in. I reviewed the game at launch and praised it highly at the time, but now that my schedule is freed up I can finally go back and see how things have changed.

Roughly four months later, Splatoon 2 feels the same as it did when the game launched on July 21. Controls remain solid, especially with the Switch Pro Controller, and Inkling wardrobes are even more stylish than before. You can browse through the variety of shirts, hats, and guns, and never grow bored of dressing your character as you see fit.


Online matches remain intense and co-op-based, with new weapons hitting the scene every so often that add a little heat to the competition. For instance, the Heavy Splatling Deco, which was added in September, is a rapid-fire machine-gun that will have enemy players scrambling for cover, and the Forge Splattershot Pro, which was also released in September as free DLC, has a decent firing speed but great range. These are only two of the many new weapons added to Splatoon 2 since launch, and they’re definitely worth checking during the game’s 3 minute Turf War matches.

Sadly, some of my initial disappointments remain present. Altering of weapons and apparel on the fly during matchmaking lobbies and sessions is a feature that I’ve longed for since launch, and the fact that players must choose items before a match begins is completely bonkers, especially when this particular feature has been in multiplayer games since the dawn of their existence. I’ve reached out to Nintendo in effort to find out if this missing feature will be added later down the road, but have yet to hear back.

Splatfest events are still going strong in Splatoon 2, and they happen to be funnier than ever with the latest involving Sci-Fi v.s. Fantasy, which takes place on November 17 at 9 a.m. PST.
Splatoon 2’s online community continues to charm and be more creative than ever, as some images scattered throughout town pay homage to the recently shutdown Miiverse, or joking attempts to pull Inklings to either team be it Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

Not much has changed on the Salmon Run front which is both good and bad. Players must survive three waves of enemies, all with varied ranges of difficulty, and collect their Salmon Eggs at the end of each round. Although this mode is delightful to play with friends or random companions, the lack of voice communication dampers game sessions quite a bit. Unfortunately, communicating in Splatoon 2 remains a chore as players must activate a Nintendo smartphone app in order to speak with others online. On the bright side, however, other options for communicating online like Skype or Google Hangouts do a good job at remedying the inconvenience.

Even though the Nintendo Switch seems to be overflowing with newly released games, Splatoon 2, being roughly four months old, is still very entertaining to play. Customizable shirts, hats, and shoes keeps things fresh and interesting, while new weapons turn up the competitive heat during online multiplayer matches. The online community continues to brings a life to Splatoon 2 with humorous sketch art, and although a really great mode to play, Salmon Run is still weighed down by the lack of voice communication as it’s tethered to a Nintendo smartphone app.