In 1994, video game developer and publisher, Natsume, released Wild Guns on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Back in those days, video games usually ran for about $40-50 a pop. Now, in 2016, roughly 22 years later, Wild Guns can be found online for a whopping $269 via eBay (Yikes!); and that’s just for a used copy, mind you.

With prices so high, and pockets full of lint, I’m extremely happy to have had the chance to return to the Wild West in HD with Natsume’s recreation of the 1994 arcade-shooter in Wild Guns Reloaded for the PlayStation 4.

More gunslingers

Unlike the original Wild Guns, Reloaded grants users access to two additional characters, both with their own unique set of skills that differ from the original two characters Clint and Annie. This time around you can also play as the new dog in town, Bullet, who controls a robotic machine that fires on his behalf, though it’s larger than the gun firing pooch so it too is prone to being attacked and can also be damaged. There’s also Doris, a beefy gal who throws nothing but grenades and deals the most damage out of her compatriots. Though it’s nice to have these new characters implemented into the game, I found it more entertaining to play as the original gunslingers as their firepower felt more balanced and the characters themselves felt more mobile than the others.

The West is a tough mother

Very much like the original, Wild Guns Reloaded is a tough motha (shut yo mouth), as the game possesses a similar level of difficulty that can be found in one-hit-kill titles like Contra and Metal Slug. Though each player is given three to four lives during each play session, these lives will be quickly swept away as fire comes from all directions. I must have died over 100 times during my time with Wild Guns Reloaded, but in no way was I daunted by the experience and never did I feel like giving up. After spending more time with the title, and learned how it worked exactly, I found myself dodging bullets like a pro, which led to better and happier times with Wild Guns Reloaded.

Aiming down your sights

Though I was eventually able to overcome Reloaded’s weird gun reticle, it was a pain to grasp initially. You see, in order for the player to blast foes on the screen, he or she must control a reticle which has to be moved in the proper direction of fire. The idea of shooting your target seems simple, yes, but it can become a difficult task to accomplish when moving your reticle also moves your character as well. Granted, there is a way around this nonsense that actually holds your character in place, like holding the square button while shooting, but I would have prefered to aim down my targets with the Dualshock 4 controllers’ right thumb stick instead of it being non-operational altogether.

Final Say-so

For what it’s worth, Wild Guns Reloaded is a very fun video game to experience on the PlayStation 4. This time around, PlayStation 4 users can engage in Wild West gunfire as a team of four (or solo), and relive classic stages that will certainly kick the crap out of you, time and time again. Though you’re bound to struggle with the game’s gun reticle, playing the title for an extended period of time will remedy this annoyance, as you’ll find tricks to aid your adventure. Wild Guns Reloaded is certainly a wonderful title to play, and if you missed this classic on the Super Nintendo, now’s your chance to hightail back into the Wild West.

Wild Guns Reloaded was reviewed on PlayStation 4 using a review copy provided by Natsume

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Release Date
PlayStation 4
December 20, 2016
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