If you’re tired of messing with silly cords, wrapped all over the place, or perhaps the cable isn’t long enough to fit your personal gaming needs, then the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 wireless headset is what you need in your life.

This wireless green and black Turtle Beach headset will set you back roughly $150 and requires a quick, yet painless, update in order to operate. On the plus side of things, once the headset acquires the update, it works with essentially anything that supports Bluetooth. Not only did I use the Stealth 700 during my time with Destiny 2 and Cuphead, I also found myself using it for music purposes, which to its credit, actually does very well in the bass and bump department.

Although the Stealth 700 is a comfy headset to use, it isn’t the most comfortable headset from the Turtle Beach line. That’s not to say it’s uncomfortable, it’s just not the best in that particular aspect. Although the user is allowed to adjust the headset to his or her liking, I never found that sweet spot that one would expect to find, which is especially unfortunate given the hefty price tag. To be fair, my glasses could have played a factor in the slight, yet occasional, moment of discomfort. But to play devil’s advocate here, I found the sweet spot in the Turtle Beach Elite Pro PC Edition, which costs $50 more.

Utilizing the Stealth 700’s voice operator was easier than ever, as one simply tilts the microphone down to speak and back up when you’re done chatting. The Stealth 700 also has volume control as well which can be found on the left headphone.

When it comes to charging the headset and its life span, one could expect to charge the Stealth 700 after every session or so — it depends how long you’re utilizing the headset during game sessions. For instance, prior to jumping in, I charged the headset for a few hours and managed to use the set without charging it for roughly three days. That isn’t bad, especially when I would play for three hours or so each day. You’ll know it’s time to slap it back on the charger when you begin to hear scratchy sounds during gameplay.


The Stealth 700 headset isn’t a bad piece of gaming equipment, but there was one con that I managed to stumble upon. Since the headset is tethered to the Xbox One, when you power on the headset it also powers on the console, which slightly inconveniences the user if he or she only wants to use the Stealth 700 on mobile devices — not Xbox One. This slight annoyance isn’t anything to write home to, but it’s worth noting that it does exist.

If you’re looking for a pretty good wireless headset for Xbox One and Bluetooth supporting devices, then you should pick up the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headset. Although the price tag is $150, you’ll quickly see where you’re money went, making the purchase well worth it in the long run. Music fans, especially bass junkies (like myself), will certainly be interested in the Stealth 700 as it actually delivers in that particular department and others as well. It’s worth mentioning, however, that if you’re a four-eyed person (again, like me), then you may have a difficult time finding your comfort zone while using the Stealth 700, if not you should be fine.



The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headset was provided by Turtle Beach for review purposes


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