The latest set of tables to hit Pinball FX 2 features Bethesda titles. Doom, Fallout 4, and Skyrim are the highlighted games in this new Pinball FX 2 set, and each come with their own set of fanfare. But is this new set of tables worth your hard earned cash? You’ll have to find out in this review.


I sadly missed out on playing the 2016 version of Doom, which is why I eagerly jumped right into the Doom pinball table. It’s explosive and entertaining to play, and it’s jam-packed with tons of fanfare. For instance, you can see an image of the classic Doom character in the top left of the screen, which does nothing in terms of moving the gameplay forward, but it does scratch that nostalgic itch one would have if they played the original Doom.

Revving up your chainsaw to get the party started adds a nice touch to the boring “pull the lever and let it fly” mechanic you would normally experience while playing pinball, and you can definitely expect more of these pleasant nuances throughout the Bethesda Pinball FX 2 set.

Distorted guitars in the background, which resembles guitar licks from the game’s soundtrack, mostly adds a hardcore vibe to the experience. The from-Hell guitar riffs won’t exactly make you headbang on your couch, but the heavy metal hammers and slides will certainly make you want to increase the volume on your TV or headset.


Fighting dragons and slaying orcs in Skyrim was well worth my 120 hour adventure when the title originally launched in 2011. I have yet to return to the land of Dragons, monsters, and giants, but having played the Skyrim table; I really want to, badly.

The reason for reuniting with the latest (proper) Elder Scrolls title is because Pinball FX 2 does a great job at delivering a tiny piece of Skyrim in its newest set of tables. Much like its counterpart, albeit not quite in-depth, the Skyrim table allows users to customize their own characters in terms race and weapon selections when that option becomes available. Though it doesn’t necessarily add to the experience, not to mention it could just as much be left out of the table altogether, its implementation comes off as a sign of good faith in bringing some piece of Bethesda personality to the pinball realm.

One fire breathing dragon and a few enemies can be found in this table, though interaction is limited. As I mentioned before, Pinball FX 2 allows users to equip a variety of weapons, which at times are used to destroy enemies found on the table. But what I’ve noticed is that these enemies encounters came few are far between as finding them depends on your luck — or at least that’s how I encountered them. There would be times where I would essentially unlock an enemy encounter, defeat them, and move on, then there were play sessions where their presence would be non-existent. Whether you encounter these foes or not, their implementation can mostly be seen as if they’re bonus bumpers, so slaying them or not isn’t exactly necessary, but it’s nice to have them around.

Fallout 4

Unlike its proper counterpart, the Fallout 4 table was the weakest of them all, and certainly my least favorite table out of the bunch. Though it’s much like the Skyrim table, in a sense that players can slightly customize characters, it didn’t hook me like the other tables. Yes, it has Dog Meat, and a mutant that self-destructs after the end of each game, but that wasn’t enough to keep me entertained.

The Fallout 4 table lacks bright illuminated lights that would normally intrigue my eyes to behold, and though it had in-game objectives like Doom and Skyrim, they were very difficult to unlock, and even upon unlocking they were difficult to comprehend.

Joining factions and such is another option in the Fallout 4 table, but much like the objectives, their existence went unexplored due to their incomprehensible nature. I certainly appreciate their implementation, but I went clueless most of the time when encountering these instances.

Final Say-so

Very rarely do I engage in pinball video games. But having played the latest set of tables in Pinball FX 2, I think the Bethesda set just turned into a believer.

Each and every table included in this bundle possesses its own set of fan-fair, waiting to be eaten up by Bethesda enthusiasts. In many, if not most, occasions the game does it right and delivers a tasty dish of Bethesda favorites to a different genre.

While I enjoyed my time and spent hours glued in front of the TV while playing this Pinball FX 2 installment, I wished the Fallout 4 table shined brighter for me.

Regardless, whether you wish to go to hell or fight fire-breathing dragons, Pinball FX 2’s Bethesda set is the game for you. It may even evangelize you as it has done so to me, which is much appreciated and I applaud the developer for that.

Bethesda Pinball was reviewed on Xbox One using a review copy provided by Zen Studios

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December 6, 2016