For years, the Kirby franchise has been near and dear to my heart. Although the series has skipped a few beats throughout its existence, it still manages to bring a wonderful smile to my face. Even though Kirby: Planet Robobot seems to be a tad on the easy-side, this 6-7 hour adventure includes tons of new abilities and game changing level design that will keep you engaged, interested, and coming back for more.

The master borrows from the pupil

Kirby Super Star was my favorite Kirby game on the Super Nintendo. It had incredible level design, not to mention the game felt right at home with help from the Super Nintendo controller. Thankfully, much of what was mentioned above in the Super Nintendo title have transferred over to this Nintendo 3DS installment.

Planet Robobot plays very much like traditional Kirby games, which is definitely a plus for seasoned gamers. But the title does manage to implement something new into the ancient formula by allowing users to jump between foreground and background a la Xeodrifter and Mutant Mudds. This not only gives more valuable space to the player, which on its own inspires exploration on multiple occasions, but it also makes this Kirby game feel like nothing I’ve played before within the series. It felt great to do something other than the traditional Point A to Point B, 2D gameplay, and it’s something I hope to see in future installments.

Kirby Smash!

Video game destruction is always a plus. Thankfully, those most interested in destruction will welcome Kirby’s Mech with open arms. Whether he’s cutting down barriers and obstacles with large buzzsaws, or scorching his enemies to a crisp with flame throwing arms, Kirby is bringing the pain in more ways than we’ve ever seen, which I absolutely love!

This time around, Kirby can shoot arrows as an archer, whack foes with a clipboard, dress as a doctor, and spit poison at adorable looking enemies, all of which feel great to do and prove to be as effective as the last ability. The implementation of new abilities in this Kirby installment serve up a great time and keep things from becoming stale. If you feel like being a goofball, Planet Robobot will gladly accommodate you as it allows the player to turn into a clown, which I won’t spoil the ability, but it’s worth checking out. Although the old-school powers, like cutter and flame, are still accessible, they’re certainly weaker and aren’t as fun to utilize compared to Kirby’s new bag of tricks.

Short and Sweet

We as gamers live in an era where individuals want 100 hours of gameplay for $60. As poor as that mentality may be, Nintendo instead serves up a bite size, tasty package for far less amount of cash. This $40 Kirby game is certainly the easiest in the series (don’t get me wrong, it has it’s difficult moments), but Planet Robobot is the true definition of short and sweet. It has the right amount of stages and provides the right amount of enemies on the screen at once, which is great because who wants to be over saturated with enemies – Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking to you Battletoads!

Final Say-so

Kirby: Planet Robobot has to be one of my favorite Kirby titles of all time. The level design is more than enough to keep you interested, and it certainly shows that Nintendo has borrowed from the Renegade Kid playbook, which is fine and works in its favor. Although the game is easy to complete, the multiple abilities, on top of Kirby’s brand new Mech, are enough to fill your Nintendo belly to maximum capacity, and will have you coming back for seconds – maybe even thirds.

Kirby: Planet Robobot was reviewed on Nintendo 3DS with code from Nintendo.
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Release Date
Nintendo 3DS
June 10, 2016