The first episode of Hitman released nearly a year ago, March 2016. The first season has now come to a close with the disc version accompanied by the final bonus mission. I reviewed all of the Hitman episodes as they were released, and encourage you to click through to each for more details.

Episode 1 – Paris
Episode 2 – Sapienza
Episode 3 – Marrakesh
Episode 4 – Bangkok
Episode 5 – Colorado
Episode 6 – Hokkaido

Though now anybody can pick up the full season all at once, this title marked a new high bar in episodic gaming. Spacing out the releases gave players time to explore the small details rather than feel the pressure of moving on after completing a single play through. Individually, episodes like Sapienza stand out from Marrakesh, but Io-Interactive hit the mark most of the time. The initial technical problems, agonizingly slow load times chief among them, were quickly resolved and anybody jumping in now would never know the difference. The one remaining disappointment is the insistence on a permanent online connection in order to earn new gear. However, as a complete package, Hitman is Game of the Year material.

Hitman: The Complete First Season was reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro using a review copy provided by Square Enix

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Square Enix
PlayStation 4
January 30, 2017



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