Chicken Wiggle is such an adorable game. It feels very much like a classic Super Nintendo title that’s been ported to the 3DS, and in no way, shape, or form is that a bad thing. In fact, it’s a really good thing, because like classic SNES platformers, Chicken Wiggle is simple, it possesses an amazing soundtrack, and most importantly, it’s fun!

Independent game studio Atooi, formerly known as Renegade Kid, has paired two unlikely heroes together: a chicken and a worm, who must save a large group of feathery chickens who have been captured by an evil witch and placed into cages. Throughout each level, the duo must jump, plow, glide and fly around and over enemies and obstacles which aim to kill you. This is done by using your worm companion as a grappling hook of sorts (think A Link to the Past grappling hook… but with a worm. And a chicken). You also have the option to collect hidden letters which are spread throughout each stage and spell out the word “fun”, but in no way is this additional task mandatory prior to finishing the level.

What makes Chicken Wiggle a fun and interesting title are the character abilities found throughout select stages. Some turn you into a ghost which allows you to pass through enemies and platforms, while another transform you into a construction worker, giving you the opportunity to destroy blocks and walls. There’s also the ability to fly up and down a particular stage, or you can slap on some shoes and run like hell as if you’re Forrest Gump! Either way, these implemented character abilities provide more entertainment to the consumer, and prevent monotony from existing whatsoever.

Perhaps what I love the most about Chicken Wiggle, other than the duo being far more superior than Yooka-Laylee and Banjo-Kazooie combined, is the game’s official soundtrack. Songs like ‘Treetop Tower” makes me want to put on some sweatpants and jog around my neighborhood, or something, and “Temple Tower” brings back the memories of 8-bit greatness from the Nintendo Entertainment System, which I obviously love! This particular development company has always done an awesome job in the soundtrack department, and i’m super happy for the team to continue on with that trend in their latest video game.

If you’re interested in being a creative individual and feel like building your very own video game levels, Atooi is willing to oblige. Chicken Wiggle, like Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker, provides a level builder which includes all the enemies, platforms and obstacles found in the game. For those without the patience for level design, but definitely want to play what the community has to offer, again, Atooi has your back, as a vast amounts of community designed levels are at your fingertips, ready for you to download and play. Although this feature somewhat shatters the hope of receiving additional DLC for Chicken Wiggle, it’s good to know that the development company has a community willing to step in and help out.

The bird is the word, and the word is definitely “eggcellent”, as developer Atooi delivers another awesome title to the Nintendo 3DS community. This fun title has simple platforming, filled with an array of obstacles and enemies that want to kill you, and a kick-ass soundtrack to boot. Character transformations help keep the gameplay fresh and interesting, and an implemented design and share level editor is a great for playing additional levels. I’ve been looking forward to playing Chicken Wiggle for quite some time, and now that I have, I’m certainly glad I did.

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