The beta for the next major update to PlayStation 4’s system software is quickly coming to an end with the announcement that 4.0 will officially roll out tomorrow. We’ve previously detailed some of those changes, including a new quick menu, sharing updates, and the ability to organize your games into folders.

Sony announced a few additional upgrades today, including a quick menu for music. This will allow players listening to Spotify to access playback controls without needing to open up the Spotify app. The system software is updated to allow higher resolution Share Play, Remote Play, and live broadcasting, in preparation for the PlayStation 4 Pro. The Pro system will be required to take adantage of the 1080p resolution for those features.

As announced during last week’s PlayStation Meeting, this update includes High Dynamic Range (HDR) output for all PS4 systems. You will need a television that supports HDR in order to take advantage of this feature.

If you need to transfer your data to a new system, and you have both systems available at the same time, you can now use an ethernet cable to quickly transfer games, user info, and saved data from one system to another.

What feature are you most looking forward to?

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