HOUND is an new indie game where you let the AI control living organisms and their evolution. In the research project, you play God while you let the AI spread it’s wings as if it were real.

You create new universes by changing the laws of physics and logic. You can change almost anything, from how atoms interact, to how stars shine. You also form artificial life giving it the just the basics or more advanced stuff like wings. The new creatures that you create are run by the AI and will survive on their own.

The game’s system is so advanced that it’ll let you manipulate the AI. The AI is very similar to a human and it can even get jealous of the player. HOUND is based off an artificial neural network and the laws of physics. This means that every new organism you create will be completely different from any other.

There are 3 ways to interact with HOUND, one of them being a neural-interface. One of the other ways to interact is to play the game and travel to the worlds of others. The last way to connect is through a robotic pet that you design. It’s reprogrammable so you can adjust all the settings on your robot except the physical form.

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Source: IndieGoGo

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