During Gamescom, Cloud Imperium Games, developer of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 unveiled a live demo of their upcoming space simulator.

The 52 minute video gives a detailed view on how the game’s mechanics will work in the final version. From questing and space travel to combat and exploration; Star Citizen and it’s single player component, Squadron 42, promises a massive universe that can be experienced in multiple ways.

Announced in 2012 via Kickstarter, Star Citizen is the most successful crowd funded game. It has raised $120 Million as of August 2016 and players can continue to buy-in to get in-game ship and access to the alpha version. The upcoming space simulator is being developed for PC and Linux and consists of four main components: Space combat, mining, exploration and trading. No release date has been specified yet, but interested parties can head over to the game’s main site to purchase ship packages and play parts of the game.

Later this year, Cloud Imperium Games will have their annual Citizencon. Players can expect to see more gameplay and updates about the space sim.

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