The Rainbow Six Pro League Finals have come and gone. While the winners have walked away with $100,000 split between themselves, the rest of us have walked away with new info and game play regarding the upcoming DLC, Operation: Red Crow.

On Ubisoft’s YouTube channel, the developer uploaded a Dev Segment that went in depth on the new map and operators. Skyscraper is located in Nagoya, Japan and is a mixture of ancient and modern architecture. Built on a skyscraper but finished in an ancient style, the map was recently attacked by a rival Yakuza Clan; players will see blood and weapons littered throughout the area. The destructibility is more akin to Chalet were rooms can be fortified well, but multiple entry points can also be exploited for victory.

The defender of Operation Red Crow is Echo. A three armor, one-speed operator, Echo is the first defender to have a drone. Players would want to find a place to hunker down and use his drone to find enemies and survey the area. The drone cannot be accessed by teammates and it cannot mark enemy positions so the user has to use his microphone often to utilize him properly.

On the attacking side is Hibana. One armor, three-speed operator who comes equipped with a launcher that can breach reinforced walls. Attacking players will now have two operators, including Thermite, that can destroy reinforced walls.

Also coming in Season 4 are Elite Operator Uniforms and victory poses. At the moment Kapkan, Sledge, and Thermite are the only ones who have elite uniforms but more will be coming soon.


Bartlett University will also be available in PvP for the first time. Check out the videos below to see the details in action.


Operation Red Crow will be available on November 17th, first to Season Pass holders for a week on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be the final content for this year, as Ubisoft announced they will continue releasing content for next year.

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