Jackbox Party Pack 3 debuts this fall, and developer Jackbox Games has now revealed all of the games contained in the compilation.

Bracketeering has players given “strong opinions on stupid things.” Answers to questions fight it out in a tournament-style bracket, until one champion is crowned. Up to sixteen players can compete in this one, along with a streaming audience of up to 10,000.

Civic Doodle tasks two players to draw additions to starter murals, using a connected phone or tablet. Other players watch live as the drawings are made, then votes on the best one, which becomes the starter drawing for the next round.

Monster Seeking Monster is dating-themed but also everybody plays a monster with hidden powers. Extra points can be awarded for things like spreading vampirism. The audience even has the chance to win this game over the players.

Survive the Internet has you take opinions wildly out of context. Players are asked a prompt, and the response is twisted against them. Everybody votes for who looks the most ridiculous, and the winner “survives” the Internet.

Fibbage 3 marks the third go around for the popular Fibbage party game, which has players do their best to trick their friends with clever lies. A bonus game called Fibbage: Enough About You is a variation that makes all the questions be about the players of the game.

For more details on all of these games, head over to the Jackbox Games Blog.