If there’s one thing that Monster Hunter Generations doesn’t tell you, it’s that HR (Hunter Rank) is only upgraded by completing a variety of quests. This VG Newswire Monster Hunter Generations guide will showcase select missions which are to be completed in order to increase your HR throughout the video game.

Bare in mind that each of the following quests may be completed online with friends or random hunters, even the “Urgent Quest”, which can be found below. All you have to do is search for the desired monster and off you go.

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HR 1 Quests

Quest: Tackling the Tetsucabra
Objective: Hunt a Tetsucabra
Reward: 4200z
Fee: 500z

Quest: Lost in the Jurassic Frontier
Objective: Hunt a Gypceros
Reward: 3600z
Fee: 400z

Quest: Local Threat
Objective: Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku
Reward: 3000z
Fee: 300z

Quest: Snow with Occasional Lagombi
Objective: Hunt a Lagombi
Reward: 3000z
Fee: 300z

Quest: Royal Spit Take
Objective: Hunt a Royal Ludroth
Reward: 4200z
Fee: 500z

Completing this quest will officially increase your character’s HR (Hunter Rank) in Monster Hunter Generations. It’s worth noting that this, like other quests before it, is on the difficult side, so it would be easier to create an online lobby and recruit hunters to join the fight.

Urgent Quest: The New Tenant
Objective: Hunt a Blangonga
Reward: 5400z
Fee: 600z

HR Quests 2

Quest: The Desert Gourmand
Objective: Hunt a Nibelsnarf
Reward: 4500z
Fee: 500z

Quest: Noise Violation
Objective: Hunt a Najarala
Reward: 5700z
Fee: 600z

Quest: In Search of the Yian Garuga
Objective: Hunt a Yian Garuga
Reward: 6300z
Fee: 700z

Quest: Operation: Secure Specimen
Objective: Capture a Nargacuga
Reward: 7500z
Fee: 800z

Quest: Royal Assassination
Objective: Hunt a Rathian
Reward: 5400z
Fee: 600z

Quest: Malfestio Festival
Objective: Hunt a Malfestio
Reward: 4800z
Fee: 500z

Urgent Quest HR 3

Quest: A Shocking Scoundrel
Objective: Hunt an Astalos
Reward: 8700z
Fee: 900z

HR 3 Quests

Quest: Dark Wings, Dark Work
Objective: Hunt a Gore Magala
Reward: 8400z
Fee: 900z

Quest: A Thousand Scales of Dread
Objective: Hunt a Seraglios
Reward: 9000z
Fee: 900z

Quest: Fury Run Afoul
Objective: Hunt a Mammoth
Reward: 8700z
Fee: 900z

Quest: Moonlit Bubble Bath
Objective: Hunt a Mizutsune
Reward: 8700z
Fee: 900Z

Quest: Heaven and Earth
Objective: Hunt a Rathalos and a Rathian
Reward: 9300z
Fee: 1000z

Quest: Blasted Glavenus
Objective: Capture a Glavenus
Reward: 11400z
Fee: 1200z

Urgent Quest HR 4

Quest: Two-Headed Carcass
Objective: Repel a Nakarkos
Reward: 15000z
Fee: 1500z

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