Dontnod Entertainment has released the first of their four-part web series that aims to shed some information about their upcoming action role-playing game, Vampyr. The first episode, titled “Making Monsters”, showcases the vampires that your character will face off against.

The video also has never before seen gameplay that gives interested players a look at what enemies they will have to overcome and the powers that will help them do so.  There are the Ekons, who are vampires that retain their human form. Vulkods, who are vampires that look more bestial and primitive. Then there are Skals who tend to be halfway between Ekons and Vulkods with abnormalities and tend to hide from humans and vampires alike.

You can watch the full video below to also learn about Jonathan Reid, Vampyr’s main character, and the plot surrounding the game.

Vampyr has no official release date yet but Dontnod is aiming for a Spring release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.