For each of the past two weekends, the multiplayer servers of Rainbow 6 Siege have been making the game difficult to play across all platforms, but most notably on PlayStation 4. Players are finding themselves being removed from games in the middle of matches or unable to even connect in the first place.

A quick look at popular discussion sites like reddit, NeoGAF, and even the official Ubisoft forums show numerous topics discussing the outages. On February 11 around noon, a 10 minute “emergency” server maintenance period was announced. The problem was said to be resolved after 6:00pm, but players still had problems connecting throughout the rest of the weekend. A second emergency outage was announced on Sunday, with no fix trumpeted at this point.

Ubisoft has repeatedly boasted about the impressive feat that Rainbow 6 Siege is more popular today than it ever has been, but the increasing player base is apparently taxing the servers at a rate that Ubisoft is struggling to keep up with. I have reached out to Ubisoft asking what steps have been taken to fix this situation, and what is being done to prevent it from happening again. I will update this article with any comment.

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