Rocket League had made about $70 million as of December 2015, and has already tacked on another $40+ million, according to an interview with Forbes. Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham is quoted as saying “Our numbers are actually going up, not down.”

The dollar figures do not include whatever compensation was received for being launched on PlayStation Plus last July. Psyonix has sold over 5 million units across all platforms, and additionally over 5 million DLC packs. Over 15 million people have played Rocket League, and over a third of that total were active as recently as April.

The player base on Steam is catching up to PlayStation 4, which was bolstered by it’s free month-long debut for PS+ members. Xbox One accounts for 22% of the community, despite launching just this past February.

As for future plans? “…PlayStation 4 to Xbox one cross-network play, and it’s one that we hope to deliver one day,” said Dunham. Psyonix actually has such a system already functioning privately, but now must wade the political waters of getting the competing Sony and Microsoft platforms to come to an agreement on how to allow it all to work publicly.

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