Renegade Kid has been an independent video game development studio for years, bringing Nintendo fans delightful titles such as Dementium, Mutant Mudds, and Xeodrifter. But now, independent developed titles under the Renegade Kid banner will no longer exist as co-founders Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove have parted ways, splitting the company’s intellectual properties into two different establishments.

In a recent press release, Renegade Kid revealed the studios closure by stating the following:

“Renegade Kid has announced that its co-founders, Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove, have made the difficult decision to bring their 10-year partnership of developing games together as Renegade Kid LLC to an end.

With their friendship and respect for each other still very much intact, Watsham and Hargrove will continue developing videogames under the names of their new companies: Atooi and Infitizmo.”

That very press release also mentions that the “2D” titles, such as Mutant Mudds and the unreleased Treasurenauts, will follow under Watshams new studio Atooi, which recently launched an iOS video game named Totes the Goat. “3D” based video games like Dementium and Moon Chronicles will be under Hargrove’s studio, Infitizmo.

The latest Renegade Kid video game to hit the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U was Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, which VG Newswire reviewed and absolutely loved.

So, what are your thoughts on the studio’s closure? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and for more on Atooi and Infitizmo, you’re already in the right place, VG Newswire.

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