Kickstarter project ReRoll is officially cancelled, according to an announcement on Reddit, and backers are left with nothing. Repeat after me: Kickstarter pledges are not pre-orders.

The title was described as an isometric online persistent open-world survival action-RPG. A real mouthful, to be sure. Basically, the idea was to use existic topographic and municipal maps, and drones, to create a digital version of the entire planet. Incredibly ambitious, but ultimately too ambitious, as ultimately no publisher was willing to take a chance after crowdfunding failed.

This is far from the first example of Kickstarter funds being wasted and no value being returned to backers, and it won’t be the last. Consider your pledges on Kickstarter as donations. The money you donate does not guarantee you anything, and the creators behind a project could cut and run at any point. The game’s Twitter and Facebook pages have been shut down. No money will be refunded. Backers are being offered a copy of BIOS, a first-person shooter currently in Early Access on Steam. The title has fewer than 3000 owners, according to SteamSpy data. This will be of little recompense to anybody who paid for a character bundle, which ranged from $19.99 up to $274.99.

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