Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is ending its second year with a new operation: White Noise. The fourth and final Operation of the year will take place in South Korea and will come with a new map and 3 new operators.

The new map is named Mok Myeok Tower. It’s an observation and communications tower in Seoul, that mixes traditional Korean architecture and contemporary style. Mok Myeok Tower will also be the first map in Siege that will have attackers rappel down to gain access to the building instead of approaching it from the ground floor. You can read more about the new map here and check out the overview video below.

Frequent players of Siege will remember that OperationĀ Health replaced the operation that would have featured a map that takes place in Poland and Polish operators. So, like Operation: Blood Orchid, White Noise will feature a GROM and surprisingly it is the elder sister of Ela, Zofia Bosak. Zofia’s special ability is a double-barreledĀ grenade launcher that can fire concussion and impact ammunition. The grenades also breach have the ability to destroy walls.

The Korean attacker for Operation: White Noise is an operator named Grace Nam. Her codename is Dokkaebi and like the word translates to, she is a trickster. Not much is known about her special ability yet, but going by her operator video it seems like she will be able to hack the electronics of opponents.

The third operator is a defender named Vigil. From his operator video, one can imply that his special ability mask allows him to be hidden from enemy cameras. If that is the case, I can clearly see Vigil as a thorn in the side of attackers like Caveira.

The map, operators and their weapons will be fully revealed at the Rainbow Six Invitational in Brazil. You can check out the reveal during Ubisoft’s Twitch stream.

UPDATE: The full reveal is live