Nintendo pulled back the curtain on the NX earlier this morning, and here’s everything we know:

  • The new system is named the Nintendo Switch.
  • The Switch’s big feature is that it can be taken on the go. The system itself plugs into a home dock for play on a bigger screen.
  • It is scheduled for a March 2017 release.
  • Third party partners include Activision, Bethesda, Capcom, EA, and Ubisoft.
  • The Switch uses cartridges instead of discs.
  • It features removable controllers called “Joy-Cons.”
  • Video of a new Mario game was shown in the trailer.
  • Footage was also shown of Skyrim, an NBA game, Zelda, and versions of Mario Kart and Splatoon. It is not known if these are new sequels or enhanced Wii U ports at this time. Splatoon showed characters with new looks, while Mario Kart showed the ability to hold two items and had one player as King Boo. None of those things are in their respective Wii U titles.
  • Mario Kart was shown with split screen multiplayer on the portable screen itself.
  • The Switch appears to allow players to use any controller configuration. This would include the Joy-Cons individually, attached to a grip, or using a new version of the Pro controller. It looks like any controller configuration can be used while portable or at home.
  • A kickstand is built into the Switch.
  • More titles will be announced in the lead up to the March release.
  • No pricing information is currently available.
  • The Switch is powered by an Nvidia Tegra chip. Other devices powered by Tegra chips include the Nvidia Shield (Tegra 4) and the Ouya (Tegra 3).

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