Your backlog may be growing and your wallet may be dwindling, but the latest Humble Bundle will make you reconsider your spending habit.

Named the Humble “Paradox Interactive” Bundle, this bundle is currently available for the remaining 13 days and features games published or developed by Paradox Interactive.

Pay $1 to unlock: Cities in Motion, Magicka 2 and Majesty 2.

Pay more than the current average of $7.23 to unlock: Crusader Kings II and The Old Gods DLC, Pillars of Eternity, Hearts of Iron III Collection, and Europa Universalis Complete.

Pay $12 or more to get: Stellaris.

As with every Humble Bundle, you can decide where your money goes. Either to Paradox Interactive, Humble Bundle, or A charity of your choice.

Check out the bundle here and keep expanding your Steam library.