Crytek’s upcoming shooter Hunt: Showdown is getting an early access on Steam, as announced recently in a developer diary. Creative Director Magnus Larbrant states that early access is “the best that could ever happen” due to the fact of the developers being able to get and implement feedback from the community.

It is a bold and necessary decision for Crytek when you factor in the current state of the developer and the unique concept of Hunt: Showdown. 

Within the past three years, Crytek has faced financial issues, and studio shutdowns. With Hunt being the first game since the developer’s restructuring, it has to get the development process right.

Hunt: Showdown has been loosely described as a PVPVE, where teams of bounty hunters combat other bounty hunters and the NPC enemies in the environment as they try to banish a world boss to hell. There are a lot of moving parts and some will definitely have issues as the community gets their hands on the shooter.

No official date has been set yet for Hunt: Showdown but it already has a page on Steam which can be wishlisted or followed.