Rumors regarding a delay for Final Fantasy XV are absolutely true, and have officially been acknowledged and confirmed both Square Enix and the title’s Director, Hajime Tibata.

As of now, the latest installment in the Final Fantasy series will hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4, globally, on Nov. 29.

The new release date has been set due to the fact that the title is in need of more polish and isn’t quite up to the development team’s standards.

The game’s director has published a video that explains why Final Fantasy XV has been delayed, which you can certainly check out down below, although, you’ll want to enable closed captioning prior to viewing:

According to the video, which can be found above, the development team didn’t think Final Fantasy XV was ready “for all players”, so they’ve decided to work on a day-one patch, which is not uncommon for most titles launching on current-gen platforms. However, not everyone with a current-gen platform has access to an internet connection and has the ability download the day-one patch, which seems to be the purpose of the delay – having the game 100 percent ready for everyone prior to shipping the project.

The video went on to explain that everything, and more, that was supposed to be included in the day-one patch will be in the game, whether you have access to the internet or not.

Tabata does mention, however, that individuals who possess an internet connection may receive additional content and patches some time in the future.

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