According to the title’s Kickstarter page, Fable Fortune, a title which is currently being developed by ex-lion head studio members, has ended its Kickstarter campaign, but on a positive note.

Usually, Kickstarter campaigns which end prematurely are due to a deficit in supporter funds. Fable Fortune, however, has found another outlet which aims to support the remaining cost.

The studio has offered a statement via the title’s Kickstarter page and mentioned the following, “With the immediate future of Fable Fortune now secure, we have taken the decision to end our Kickstarter campaign early to focus on releasing a Closed Beta build as quickly as possible. As we’ve always stated, we want to make this game with your help, your feedback and your input. We have huge plans for Fortune and we know that whatever happens in the future, it all started with our already incredible community.”

Fable Fortune is a card-based video game which plays similar to Magic: the Gathering and Blizzard’s Hearthstone. The new title by Flaming Fowl Studios has yet to receive an officially release date, but is expected to launch on Xbox One and Windows PC. For more on Fable Fortune, keep it right here, VG Newswire.