Last week, we reported on the announcement that InXile Entertainment was starting a new crowdfunding campaign for Wasteland 3. That campaign is live now and can be backed on Fig.

To declare and celebrate this new campaign, the developer has uploaded two videos about Wasteland 3 to their YouTube channel. The first is the campaign pitch which amusingly goes into detail the new features that will be available in the new Wasteland. A dialogue based system, nuanced story, co-op, and vehicles are highlighted and promised by Brian Fargo and his team.

The second video is a short gameplay trailer that showcases dialogue, combat and the frozen, Colorado wasteland.

InXile Entertainment has a goal of $2,750,000 set for Wasteland 3. As of October 6, with 28 days remaining, they have already raised $2,174,307. No official date has been set yet for Wasteland 3, but the RPG has been announced for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Will you be backing Wasteland on Fig, or will you wait for the retail release? Let us know in the comments below.

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