According to a variety of reports, more information regarding Nintendo’s latest console, which aims to launch some time in 2017, codename NX, has surfaced online and apparently means to take a more handheld approach.

Some reports are stating that the NX will utilize detachable controllers and will rest on a docking station which connects to your television to simulate a home console experience. The new Nintendo platform is also said to use cartridges, although the size for said cartridges have yet to be discovered.

If you think Nintendo plans to support backwards compatibility, you might want to think again. Although this information (along with the information mentioned above) has yet to be confirmed, one source has told Eurogamer that the platform will not support backwards compatibility, which seems odd considering the company has favored that trend since the past two console generations.

Finally, some time ago, Nintendo spoke with the Wall Street Journal and mentioned that the NX will sport “industry-leading chips”, which according to Eurogamer’s report will include an Nvidia Tegra mobile processor.

Last week, Nintendo revealed the NES Classic Edition, which is a bite-sized home console meant to pay homage to the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and will include 30 classic Nintendo titles.

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Source: Eurogamer

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