Yesterday, Nintendo revealed its newest platform which is scheduled to launch in March 2017, and along with the platform reveal, Nintendo also showcased a variety of games. One of those games in particular happened to be Bethesda’s Skyrim.

After the reveal, VG Newswire corresponded with a PR representative for Bethesda in search of information regarding the Skyrim title for the Nintendo Switch.

Here’s what we asked:

VGNW: Earlier this morning Nintendo revealed the Nintendo Switch, and in that reveal there was a lot of Skyrim. Would you be able to mention if the version of Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch happens to be specifically designed for the system which also possesses unique features for the Nintendo platform, or is it simply a port of the Remastered Edition for Nintendo Switch?

PR: We’re happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo on the video.  While we are not confirming any specific titles at this time, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Nintendo and support of the Switch.  We look forward to revealing specific games and details in the future.

While it is certainly odd that Bethesda isn’t releasing information regarding the Skyrim title for Switch, we can only expect to learn more in the coming months.

Bethesda is scheduled to release Skyrim Special Edition which will release on October 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The company released a new comparison video for the game which can be found here.

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