The mobile space is littered with a variety of shovel-ware. Most of the titles happen to be free-to-play, which is fine until the game starts taxing your virtual wallet, then all you want to do after that is delete the game from your device. But a title that is free-to-play, and worth a download, is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, our Game of the Year 2016 Mobile title.

In our review, we called it a “delightful mobile title” and it’s “worth checking out”, which those comments still hold true today.

It’s worth mentioning that both Pokemon GO and Deus Ex GO were competing for our GOTY 2016 Mobile title, but those experiences just didn’t have the chops to compete against FFBE’s wonderful musical score, delightful story, and amazing battle system.

Should you be interested in checking out our coverage of the video game, feel free to click the following link.

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