Now that Monster Hunter Generations is out in the wild, this VG Newswire Monster Hunter Generations guide will help you breeze through the first few hours of the game, and maybe a little more.

Be sure to check out the tips and let us know if there’s anything we’re missing in the comment sections below.

Stock up


Stock up on herb and whetstones. Eventually when you progress to HR (Hunter Rank) 2, you’ll be able to purchase potions which are way better than herbs. Not only do herbs provide additional health when used, they are super cheap to purchase. Consuming these may not be as potent as drinking potions, but they’re still worth purchasing if you have the coin.

Chow time

monster hunter generations

Make sure to purchase a meal before heading out, which can be purchased with either money or points. By eating meals prior to exploring the world of Monster Hunter, the player’s stats will increase in select areas whether it be attack, stamina, or both. Your furry companion will also benefit from this, so buff up before heading out!

Never fight alone


One of the cool things about Monster Hunter Generations is that you can take the fight online. Whether you’re going against a beast with one or two companions, taking the fight as a team is more effective than fighting alone. Of course, defeating large monsters can be achieved by yourself, but it’s incredibly difficult to do, not to mention that it happens to be more time consuming.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can get credit for quests, even when you join a random (or user created) room via online matchmaking — even if you didn’t launch the quest under your account. You can also have individuals aid your cause towards increasing your HR during “urgent” quests as well, but the only thing is, you have to initiate the “urgent” quest under your account so that you receive credit. If you don’t, you still gain awesome loot, which you collect from defeated monsters, but eventually, you’ll need to win under your account for credit in order to increase your rank.

Remember to upgrade


Upgrading weapons and armor is essential to your journey through monster hunter generations tough times. After each mission, or whenever you feel like it really, head down and chat it up with smithy for he will upgrade and forge new items for you. The higher your HR rank, the better your loot, weapons and armor will become. Never take a stick to a fight if you have the materials to forge Excalibur.

Take a step back and breathe

co op

As intense as boss fights can be, some times you need to let your allies do some of the work. The more you attack an enemy, the more aggressive he will become towards you, which is fine for a while, but eventually you’ll need to sharpen your weapon and heal yourself. When need be, take a step back and allow your team to take the reins for a little bit. Once the monster begins to limp or become confused, head back into the fight and give em’ hell.

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