Pokemon Sun and Moon are out now and so far I am impressed with what Nintendo has done to improve the traditional form. This is not my full review, but I did want to share my initial thoughts on this title.

Pokemon Sun and Moon has the standard plot of your character moving into a new town and wanting to become a Pokemon trainer. This time around our trainer is moving to the Alola region, which is four separate islands with one champion, or gym leader. After this point though, the game seems to have a larger focus on world building and character development. Characters such as Professor Kuikui and his assistant, Lillie seem to have larger role to fill to the plot, as opposed to just being devices used to give the character their first Pokemon.

The combat is very tride and true to other installments on the surface level, but with the introduction of the care system, this drastically changes how Pokemon behave in battle and can determine the outcome of a battle. After a battle, the screen sometimes prompted me to care for my Pokemon. In this menu, I could cure my Pokemon of different ailments, clean dirt on my Pokemon, feed my team, or just pet them. I thoroughly enjoyed this system, because I could heal my Pokemon of poison an paralysis without having to waste any items in my bag. The only downside is if you forget to feed or take care of your Pokemon, they will not like they usually would, this creates a small time sink of going into menus to make sure your party is happy.

Character customization is a new feature that makes these games feel more immersive and allows players to make the trainer they always dreamed of. Within the first few hours of my play through I was able to completely change my characters appearance. You can do this through, haircuts, contact lenses, and buying clothes from different stores. I spent approximately 30 minutes just going through looking at the different ways I could change my appearance.

While I have only clocked in about 5 hours into Pokemon Moon, I have had a lot of fun with it and I haven’t had an urge to keep playing a game in this franchise sine Ruby and Sapphire. My initial thoughts about Sun and Moon are nothing but positive. I can’t wait to get into the different islands and discover more about the Alola region.

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