Earlier this year I told you there was still good reason to buy a Vita in 2016. Though there is by no means a deluge of releases on the schedule, a few titles were worthy of our Best Vita Game nominations.

Grand Kingdom, an RPG from Spike Chunsoft, Crypt of the NecroDancer, a rhythm-based dungeon crawler from Brace Yourself Games, and Severed, a first-person dungeon crawler from DrinkBox Studios, round out the competition for this year’s award.

Severed makes phenomenal use of the Vita’s touch controls. The combat is handled through swiping, think Fruit Ninja but with an actual point, and multi-layered boss battles are immensely satisfying. The art and music throughout are haunting, both beautiful and gruesome, and full of vibrant contrasting color that looks great on the OLED Vita screen. Severed is one of the greatest titles available on the Vita, and is our pick for 2016’s Best Vita Game!

This was a very difficult choice, and you shouldn’t overlook Crypt of the NecroDancer. It’s a unique mixing of classic top-down Zelda and Rock Band. The music is amazing and it’s very addictive as a Roguelike, every time you play it’s different.