Firaxis, like many developers,  faced one big obstacle when making a new entry to an already established franchise. “How do you make the game fresh, while still keeping the core mechanics intact?” The answer to this was a visual overhaul and improvements to many systems. This year’s Civ had a colorful and cartoony art style that made the map pop. Bright colors and heavy lines complemented the animation when a civilization constructed a building or Wonder. Buildings themselves also had to be strategically placed to increase your city’s effectiveness. It was always an awesome experience to just sit back and gaze at a city that was filled with architectures. Civilization VI also mixed up its leader roster. While favorites like Gandhi and Caesar still appeared, we saw fresh faces like Roosevelt and Victoria. These leaders opened up new ways for players to achieve a culture, religion, domination, science or time victory.

Also in contention for Best PC Game was Planet Coaster, SpeedRunners, and Shadow Warrior 2.

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