Picking the perfect Nintendo 3DS game is a difficult task to accomplish, especially when Nintendo has released tons of wonderful titles on their portable handheld.

Out of the competing titles from within our Best Nintendo 3DS game of 2016 list, Pokemon Sun and Moon came out on top and are victorious in that category.

Between Kirby: Planet Robobot, Super Mario Maker, and Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon Sun and Moon was the only title out of the bunch to break away from its traditional formula. Yes, Super Mario Maker was certainly a unique experience on the Nintendo 3DS, but its lacking features kept it from winning the race for Best Nintendo 3DS Game of 2016.

Without the implementation of HM’s, or town gyms for that matter, Pokemon Sun and Moon managed to cater to returning Pokemon fans very nicely. With nuanced combat experiences, and incredible customization options to boot, Pokemon Sun and Moon was an easy pick and should be played by anyone with a Nintendo 3DS.

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