I’m back for the second half of my theoretical SNES Classic Edition lineup. Last time, I outlined 15 Nintendo published games I’d like to see in the box. The second half of my 30 game list will be comprised of titles from 3rd party publishers.

As a brief recap, I envision the console as a mini SNES with HDMI out, two controllers included, and four ports on the console. The second half of the list is sorted by release year.


16. Final Fantasy II (IV), Square (1991)

My favorite Final Fantasy, but might be tough to get both this and III (VI) considering Square is selling them individually on practically every platform you can think of. But hey, it’s my list and it’s staying in, along with the “spoony bard” line!

17. Super Castlevania IV, Konami (1991)

Since Castlevania made the NES Classic Edition, you have to figure the SNES would get one as well.

18. Joe & Mac, Data East (1991)

This might be the hardest choice to justify, but I was a big fan of Joe & Mac back in it’s time. It’s a fun platformer set in prehistoric times that is long-forgotten by most.

19. Lemmings, Psygnosis (1991)

Help the brainless lemmings get to the exit, avoiding all sorts of death traps along the way. Or hit the self-destruct button and watch them all explode.

20. TMNT IV: Turtles In Time, Konami (1992)

Licensing rights might be tough to lock down, but Turtles in Time is easily one of the best brawlers available on the SNES, and has the rare distinction of being a better game than the arcade version it was ported from.

21. Mega Man X, Capcom (1993)

I’m not a fan of the Mega Man series but it belongs in the collection undoubtedly.

22. Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Konami (1993)

A top-down run-and-gun developed by LucasArts has you killing zombies with squirt guns. Things escalate greatly from there.

23. Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Capcom (1993)

This re-release of Street Fighter II increased the speed of gameplay.

24. Super Bomberman, Hudson Soft (1993)

This was the first four-player SNES game.

25. NHL ’94, EA (1993)

Hockey might be a tough sell for a 30 game collection, but I’m making the picks here! NHL ’94 allows for four-player simultaneous play and is considered one of the best in the series. Places still hold NHL ’94 tournaments today.

26. NBA Jam, Acclaim (1994)

Secret characters included at-the-time President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

27. Final Fantasy III (VI), Square (1994)

Widely considered the best of the 2D Final Fantasy games, it’d be a shame of this one wasn’t included.

28. Bust-a-Move, Taito (1994)

Bub & Bob made it into the NES Classic Edition with Bubble Bobble, so why not make a return trip for their puzzle series?

29. Chrono Trigger, Square (1995)

A number of different endings is just one of the reasons Chrono Trigger is well-remembered.

30. Harvest Moon, Natsume (1996)

Younger gamers may think this looks like a knock off of Stardew Valley, but Harvest Moon pioneered the gameplay.

There you have it, 30 games to put on an SNES Classic Edition plug and play console. What changes would you make to my list? Let me know in the comments.

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