Another E3 has come and gone, and the team at VG Newswire is here with our favorite games from this year’s show.

David Quigley, Managing Editor

For me, there is great disappointment that the two games I’m most looking forward to are being released on the same day. Battlefield 1 looks amazing. It is the first of the series to be released only on PS4 and Xbox One generation systems, so no compromises will have to be made for the older hardware. Battlefield has long been my favorite shooter franchise because of the massive scope. 64 players on a huge map with tons of vehicles, nothing else compares to what Battlefield provides. Going back in time to World War I is a welcome change, as futuristic borderline sci-fi shooters don’t hold nearly the same interest with me. I believe this year will swing momentum over to Battlefield, and away from Call of Duty, for the first time in many years.

The other title releasing on October 21 is Civilization VI. I both await this game and dread it’s arrival, due to the number of hours that it will consume from me. The new art style looks great, I love the hand drawn map look that the fog of war has now. Changes to speed up the games, like workers instantly constructing improvements and receiving science, culture, or production boosts based on things you do in game, are very welcome. I skipped Civilization: Beyond Earth. Dropping the historical aspect soured me from giving it a shot. Now that we’re back on earth, I’m ready to dive back in.

For a flashier pick of a game that is a lot further out, I’m wanting to see a lot more about Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 exclusive. The rumors of a Sucker Punch developed Spider-Man game seemed crazy, for such a huge IP to go console exclusive. It was a huge surprise during Sony’s conference, and though the rumor didn’t hit the right developer, it was still shocking to see the rest be true. All we got was a short trailer, but movement looked very fluid and what I saw seemed to be the start of the next great superhero game after the Arkham series.

Peter Lopez, Editor-in-Chief

Although Nintendo didn’t exactly have a large presence at E3 2016, I still feel in love with one of their biggest, official game reveals, that being The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Although not much is known regarding this title, like story and such, I can’t stop thinking about the direction which Nintendo has decided to take with the latest installment in the Zelda series. After watching the official reveal trailer more than 10 times (and counting), I still find every watch to be just as amazing as the last.

Links brand new look took a minute for me to register and actually get on board with, but again, after watching the trailer multiple times, it eventually grew on me. The art design isn’t my favorite as it takes after Wii’s Skyward Sword, but being a Nintendo fan for over 25 years, I’ve grown to appreciate gameplay more than graphics.

Links new shiny silver armor looks amazing, and from what I hear on social media from those who actually got some hands-on with the title, Breath of the Wild is like Skyrim and Don’t Starve – which is something I could totally get into.

I’ve never really been much of a PlayStation fan, that is until I purchased a PlayStation 4. And boy, after checking out the reveal trailer for Days Gone, I’m sure happy I made that purchase.

Sony Bend’s new title, Days Gone, which I originally thought would be The Last of Us 2, appears to be similar to the Naughty Dog video game in that creepy enemies want to kill you and you’re all alone in a “post apocalyptic” world.

What caught my attention to most, other than the amazing visuals, was the atmosphere. Yeah, to an extent, I’m a little tired of zombies and other nasty looking creatures of that nature, but man, once I seen the liter of creatures that were chasing after the game’s protagonist, that was it; it got me.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this title – whenever it launches on the PlayStation 4.

Dawson Helton, Staff Writer

Sony has always been a huge part of my gaming experience so when I heard they were doing a new God of War game I was excited. I watched the trailer multiple times and each time I became more indulged. Seeing Kratos in Norse mythology is an amazing concept and I can’t wait to see the new ways he will brutally murder this new wave of gods.

The other big announcement was the re-release of Skyrim. I spent over a hundred hours on my first playthrough on PlayStation 3 and seeing this masterpiece brought to this generation should be a brand new experience with all the DLC and updated graphics. It’s also nice to see that console players will finally be able to use mods this time around. I can already predict that I will probably waste another hundred hours exploring the depths of Skyrim once more.

These were our favorites, but what were yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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