Ubisoft has announced the content for the For Honor season pass, confirming earlier leaked information, as well as some of their post-launch plans.

The Season Pass will include six new playable heroes with a seven day early access window, along with season pass exclusive outfits for those characters. Owners will also receive a 30 day Champion Status XP boost, three scavenger crates for gear unlocks, three exclusive emblem outlines, and an exclusive sunbeam effect on emotes.

For Honor is taking an approach similar to Rainbow 6 Siege with the Season Pass. While players must use in-game currency to unlock customization on any character, they are free to still use any character. In short, the Season Pass is not required to use the new characters when they are released. Instead, the Pass offers players a way to have all characters customizable right from the start. This method is in fact even more accessible than in Siege, where operators are not locked to Season Pass holders but do require an in-game currency purchase in order to use them.

Outside of the Season Pass news, Ubisoft revealed tournaments and ranked mode are coming to For Honor later this year. For Honor has one final beta, an open beta, February 9 through 12, just ahead of the February 14 release date.

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