With no advance warning, Hitman’s Summer Bonus Episode was released and is available for all season pass holders, or those who bought the Intro Pack and then the Upgrade Pack. Those buying episodes individually cannot purchase the Summer Bonus Episode at this time.

The new content adds a pair of extra missions. One is set in Sapienza, the other in Marrakesh. Both take place at night and offer new ways to play on now familiar maps. “The Icon,” in Sapienza, has the town taken over by a movie production shooting a new sci-fi film. “A House Built on Sand” takes place in Marrakesh, and has Agent 47 stopping a billion dollar deal going down at the market.

The Summer Bonus Episode will eventually be made available to purchase, but not until a third mission is added to it later this year.

The DLC comes alongside a new game update, which adds a variety of gameplay toggles and fixes bugs.

Source: Hitman Updates

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