The Bespin DLC for Battlefront released yesterday, and DICE has revealed detailed information about the new playable characters and weapons included with the Cloud City content.

Lando Calrissian’s trio of abilities includes Fortune Trigger, Shocking Trap, and System Disruption. These increase the chances for a critical hit, trap enemies with a decoy pick up, and put all enemy abilities into cooldown, respectively. Lando’s role is said to be that of an offensive support character, focused more on making the battles easier for his teammates rather than being an outright killing machine. Full details for both new characters, the other being villain Dengar, can be found on DICE’s character deep dive page.

New weapons include a pair of blasters, the X-8 Night Sniper and EE-4. The Night Sniper is said to possess “decent damage, cooling power, and range,” and comes equipped with a thermal vision scope. The EE-4 is designed for short range encounters, featuring an increased rate of fire to balance out it’s accuracy reduction at range. A new star card, Disruption, locks up enemy weapons, turrets, and droids for a short time. A non-lethal Shock Grenade is being introduced that can incapacitate multiple enemies at once. Finally, Scout Binoculars will allow players to mark and highlight enemies. Further details are available on a special page dedicated page on the Battlefront website.

Will you be returning to Battlefront to fight on Bespin?

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