Individuals who currently possess a copy of Banner Saga 2 on PC can now download the title’s new mode, Survival Mode, which also happens to be free of purchase.

According to a recent press recent, Survival Mode can be described as followed:

In survival mode players have to assemble a ‘combat’ team from a wide range of existing Banner Saga heroes. Once their team is complete, combat begins, but beware, perma-death in battle is real and once lost, a hero can not be brought back.  Each victory grants ‘Renown’ (one of the major currencies in the Banner Saga), which can be used to unlock more Heroes to replace ones that have fallen.  Items now drop in combat, or can be purchased with Renown,  so that you can constantly improve your combat team.  A 30-second timer keeps the action moving and leaderboards track how each player ranks against others.  All three difficulty levels are included in survival mode, so the hard core challenge is available to those who think they can make it all the way through.

Independent game studio, Stoic Games, has said to release Banner Saga 2 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 26, with mobile releases to come.

Check out the latest trailer for Banner Saga 2, which can be found below:

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