Author: Patrick Okolo

FTL Creators Announce Into The Breach

Subset Games, creators of FTL: Faster Than Light, have announced their new game in a form of a trailer. Into The Breach is a turn-based tactical game that will feature mechs and monsters. Players must defend their randomly generated city from a monster invasion using all means necessary, like Pacific Rim. Check out the trailer below. No release date is set for Into The Breach, but it will most likely be available on multiple platforms like...

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Hot Wheels Street Machines Coming to Rocket League

It seemed destined to happen but now it actually is. Psyonix and Hot Wheels are collaborating to bring two new battle cars to Rocket League. The street machines named Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III both come with wheels and six exclusive decals to customize with and players will also be able to get a Hot Wheels-themed antenna as a random drop after playing matches. The upcoming update also features a remix of Firework by OMELAD. Check out the trailer below The Hot Wheels street machines will be available on February 21 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox...

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