Author: David Quigley

GameStop offering new used rental program

A Gamestop leak has revealed a new method for profiting from used games. Called Power Pass, this new program is a used game rental program with one extra perk. At $60, a Power Pass will grant you six months of unlimited used game rentals, with one out at a time. Whichever game you have rented out at the end of your subscription is yours to keep. Members can swap a game out at any location and can choose titles from any system from which the store has games...

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Review: Jackbox Party Pack 4

Jackbox is back with their latest party game compilation, Jackbox Party Pack 4. I’m going to break down each individual game, but in general, this is a good collection. As always, not every game is a glowing success, but the ones that do are great. The audience features make sure nobody is left just sitting around doing nothing. You can even hop on Twitch and just search for a game that you can join for home, or participate in the audience of a house party on the other side of the planet. Fibbage, Civic Doodle, and Bracketeering are the...

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LEGO Dimensions discontinued

TT Games’ expansive toys to life LEGO Dimensions is officially no more. An announcement from publisher WB Interactive Entertainment, developer TT Games, and The LEGO Group confirmed that the products currently on the market are the last we will see. No additional LEGO sets will be released, two years into a planned three-year expansion cycle. From building and rebuilding to the most bricktacular mash-ups, the Multiverse would be nothing without our amazing community. Thank you. — LEGO Dimensions (@LEGODimensions) October 23, 2017 The closure of LEGO Dimensions marks the end of major developed toys to life games. Disney...

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