Author: David Quigley

Review: Old Time Hockey

Imagine a caricature of what you think hockey in the 1970’s was like. Now imagine that as a video game. That’s Old Time Hockey. The gameplay is usually entertaining, even when imprecise. The physics are exaggerated, and it’s hard to go more than a couple minutes without a fight. Old Time Hockey is trying to be everything that EA’s NHL series is not and cannot be, and on that level it succeeds. The downside is the actual gameplay is anything but inspiring. Back to basics You won’t find a lot of advanced hockey techniques on your controller map. You...

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Review: LEGO Worlds

If you take a look at a trailer for LEGO Worlds, it seems like a no-brainer billion dollar idea. Take the super popular brand LEGO and mash it up with the biggest game of the last decade, Minecraft. I’d argue that the LEGO reminiscent building blocks aspect of Minecraft is a huge part of what made it such a hit in the first place. Unfortunately, LEGO Worlds is a mixed bag. While the creative possibilities are enormous, building is a chore, combat is clunky, the camera is often problematic, and the entire thing is a grind. That said, I...

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Rocket League Dropshot now available

The Dropshot update for Rocket League is now available. The new mode itself is playable from unranked matchmaking. Neo Tokyo has been removed from both Casual and Competitive queues. The map is said to be returning in the future with a standard layout. Yawn. Seasonal Easter items can be acquired right now, until April 17. There are three in total, an antenna and a pair of hats. Six new trophies / achievements are now live. Three of them involve the Dropshot game mode, one for voting on map preferences, and two for winning on various maps, one of which...

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