Author: David Quigley

Danganronpa v3’s first chapter is terrible

This post contains full SPOILERS through the end of Chapter 1 of Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony. Also, endgame spoilers for 2010’s PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, just to be fair. The prologue and opening chapter of Danganronpa v3 do a very poor job of hooking the player to continue on a journey that appears to be dozens of hours in length. We were asked not to record video past Chapter 1, and the game itself blocks the recording function on PS4 at that point. This is in the name of spoilers, but Chapter 1 itself soured me on this game...

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Rocket League team working on cross-platform parties

Psyonix has revealed what to expect in the upcoming Autumn Update for Rocket League. A new seasonal farmhouse map, new cosmetics, transparent goalposts, LAN support, and a move to totally standardized maps. Personally, that last point is hugely disappointing. However, after this update is out in the wild, Psyonix is moving towards cross-platform parties. Rocket League creative director Corey Davis told Destructoid of the plans. In October, a Steam beta test will roll out allowing users to add players from Steam into a PsyNet friend list. Eventually, PsyNet will be available on other platforms, allowing players across to jump...

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