Author: David Quigley

Spelunky Score World Record broken

Spelunky player Kinnijup already held numerous world records, including various speed runs and high score challenges, but now Kinnijup has taken the overall high score record. His speed run world record stands at just under 1 minute 40 seconds, but his new score record took over four and a half hours to accumulate an astonishing $3,526,575. This bested the previous record by a mere $25, or 0.00072%. You can watch the entire run below. Watch live video from on...

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Nintendo online services detailed

The first details about Nintendo’s upcoming paid online service have been made available. Players will need a Nintendo account to register for the paid service, which as of yet does not have a stated price. However, it will be required to play multiplayer games online, just like on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The service is also required for online lobby & voice chat app, a monthly game download, and exclusive deals. Each month subscribers can download one NES or SNES title, and the SNES titles will have online gameplay added. The voice chat app will “let you invite...

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Wal-Mart Switch pre-orders sold out

Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch went live briefly tonight at, but sold out just as fast. Wal-Mart’s price is $299.96. If you got in quick enough, and I managed to, store pickup is available on launch day, but even expedited shipping only listed a March 4 delivery date. Did you manage to get a pre-order in...

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